Product Description: "Maecos" Intensive Repair Serum with Silymarin and CoQ10

??… keep your skin looking youthful and radiant.

Maecos skin care product line are a special blend of natural vitamins, herbal extracts and selected botanical infusions which synergistically achieve an outstanding anti-aging effect on the skin by revitalizing and regenerating the epidermis. The inclusion of powerful free radical exchangers enhances skin moisture and encourages the proliferation of new, healthy cells. These skin care ingredients provide preventative maintenance which helps correct many of today's skin problems due to environmental abuse, premature skin aging, and oxidative stress, as well as stress related skin problems, skin lines and skin wrinkles.

Maecos Intensive Repair Serum designed to treat areas of the skin needing special attention for aging skin, dry skin, oily skin, and oxidative stress, as well as stress related problems that produce skin lines, and wrinkles.

Specially formulated to dramatically repair and prevent visible signs of premature aging skin. Intense concentrations of Coenzyme Q10, Silymarin, Carnosine, Vitamin E help stimulate the skin1s fibroblastic activity. Ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10) has been added to further enhance the antioxidant benefits while increasing cell renewal. Soothing extracts of yucca, cucumber and licorice restores hydration and suppleness.

Packing: 28 x 2 ml

Direction of usage: After cleansing, apply serum to the face and neck followed by your moisturizing cream. Pay particular attention to aging skin areas, such as corners of the eyes, nose and mouth.

Item Description:

  • Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Serum
  • Nano-White Complex Serum
  • Intensive Moisturizing Serum
  • Anti-Sensitive Serum
  • Eye Care Serum


  • 緊 緻 瓜 子 臉 修 護 精 華
  • 納 米 美 白 緊 緻 精 華
  • 水 嫩 抗 皺 緻 精 華
  • 抗 敏 緊 緻 精 華
  • 眼 部 緊 緻 精 華


產品名稱: "MAECOS" 緊緻精華系列

配方中除蘊含 Silymarin 和CoQ10 外,還配合珍貴的活性成份如納米美白精華、熊果甘精華、膠原蛋白精華、荷荷巴油、甘菊精華、維生素A 、C 、E等﹔有效滲入肌膚底層,撫平細紋, 讓疲憊肌膚回復緊緻潤澤。

容量: 28 x 2 ml

使用方法: 每晚潔膚後塗上適量於臉部直至完全吸收為止。