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Product Description: Alpha Enzyme Skin Renewal System

The "Fransio Alpha Enzyme Skin Renewal System" helps to reduce fine lines, evens out skin texture by removing dead skin cells, lightens skin discoloration and helps to improve problem skin, including purging of blackheads, congestion and acne.
Leaves skin smooth, clear and healthier looking.

The "System" is based on innovative design and invaluable experience gained over many years, it works for everyone, achieving a glowing look anytime. The simple design of the "System" has been specifically aimed at the beauty therapist, who can carry out an applications in the salon, both safely and effectively. And, you are able to leave the salon with a 'clean and fresh' sparkling tone, due to regeneration of the epidermal cell structure.

Packing: (4 sets of treatment per box)

  • Alpha Enzyme Complex x 4
  • Balancing Moisturizer x 4
  • Ca Lifting Powder Mask x 4
  • Mineral Hydro Serum x 4

Direction of usage: Only applied by professional beautician.

產品名稱: "法儷仙奴" 第三代水凝酵素換膚療程套庄


容量: (每盒4套療程)

  • 活化酵素換膚液 x 4
  • 平衡水份精華素 x 4
  • 鈣離子淨白面膜粉 x 4
  • 水份礦物精華素 x 4

使用方法: 美容師專用產品。